Membership Criteria


  • Must be an energy company with at least 50% of either (1) Gross Assets or (2) Annual Gross Revenues derived from “Energy Operations”
  • A minimum of $1 Billion of Gross Assets.  Gross Assets means Property, Plant & Equipment before depreciation plus book value of inventories.
  • Investment grade credit rating of at least “BBB-” (S&P) or “Baa3” (Moody’s)^
    • Prospects with sub investment grade ratings are not allowed to join.
    • Companies without a credit rating can obtain a “shadow rating” or will be subject to financial analysis by Everen staff and may be required to post acceptable security.
  • Business operations that represent an appropriate spread of risk and “fit” within a mutual framework

Everen – Financial Security Guidelines


  • Credit Worthy Public and Private Companies in established and select emerging markets
  • Willingness & Ability to absorb moderate volatility in Everen premiums
  • Long term Risk Management/Strategic view of managing/spreading
  • Strong Risk Management Record