Advantages of Membership

The principal attraction for members is Everen’s ability to provide long-term, secure, predictable and cost effective pricing and coverage through any market conditions or cycle.


  • Membership is exclusive to energy companies
  • Members are all shareholders/policyholders and have vested interests in the operation of the company
  • “Mutualized” sharing of losses
  • Easy annual renewal
  • Premiums are derived by formula and purely loss/expense based i.e. no micro underwriting
  • One policy form for all members per the Everen Shareholders’ Agreement
  • Everen uses gross assets from audited balance sheets while the market uses insured values


  • Provides hedge against a frequently volatile commercial insurance market
  • One of the broader policy forms currently available
  • Expense ratio = approximately 3-6% (Far lower than commercial market)
  • Rate predictability through “Lock in” plan
  • Members influence product capability/evolution and developments
  • Generates long-term benefits for shareholders
  • Energy peer forum/networking opportunities